10 Benefits a Web and App Developer
Brings to Their Customers

What are some reasons you would opt for a specialist web and app developer?
If your company sees a need to develop a product or service on a digital platform, you have several options.
You could try to develop your product in-house if you believe you have the necessary skills and expertise to accomplish this. Alternatively, you could outsource the work offshore, in the hope that you will find some cheap, but reasonable quality labor. Perhaps you could look at contracting an offshore freelancer on one of the platforms like UpWork. The third and safest option is to work with a professional web and app developer, a specialist development firm like Castle.

So what are some reasons you would opt for a specialist web and app developer?
They Can Create a Professional Product
A professional web and app developer will normally have years of experience, and know that they are producing more than just an app or web development. What they produce will be a collective sum of tried and tested user experience, software that works as it should, and a fully-functional technical infrastructure. It should be a product that scales to meet the users' needs.
They Can Provide a Dedicated Product Team
A specialist development company should be able to put together a team of developers and designers who will concentrate their energies on your project. These professionals will work as a team to create the perfect digital platform, product, and service.
You Can Place Your Focus on Your Core Business
If you collaborate with a professional web and app developer, they will take care of any technical challenges. You can concentrate on growing your business. You will initially need to provide your ideas and requirements for the project. It will be up to the developer to turn these into a reality. You do not have to do the thinking for them.
They Know the Right Questions to Ask
If a company is in the business of developing software, they will know what is important and what is not. They will easily tease out of you the core features needed for your application. From this, they will be able to determine a baseline cost for the core features that they can give you. If there are, additional features that you think would benefit your users you can discuss these with the development team who can then provide you with the amount you will need to budget for to include them.

With an in-house development team, there is a risk that stakeholders within your business will continue to ask for a never-ending list of features, and the project can easily become bogged down by scope creep.
They Can Suggest the Best Digital Platforms
for You to Choose
Are you simply after a web app? Perhaps you would like an app aimed at Android users. What about iOS? Do you want native apps for Windows, Linux, or Mac? There are many possibilities. A specialist developer knows the pros and cons of each platform, as well as the costs. If you want to start with something simple, they can suggest the best place to begin. If you prefer to go on stream, available on a broad range of platforms from Day One, your developer can guide you through the processes necessary for this to happen, too.
You Know You Are Employing Experts
to Produce Your Product
If you carry out sufficient research before signing a contract, you will most likely find yourself working with an experienced and professional development company. Their website will in all probability show examples of their previous work. You could even consider downloading apps that they have created and sampling the user experience (UX) of these products. Before long, you will be able to determine whether the business contains experts or not.

The cost per hour of using professional web and app developers may be higher than what you would pay either an internal appointment, or an outsourced worker on a freelance marketplace, but that does not mean that the total cost will be any higher. The expert will most likely take far less time to create your product than it would take in an in-house or outsourced setting.
You Can Gain Ideas From
a Developer's Existing Portfolio
Take a good look at the case studies on a developer's website. Do you like what you see? Does the developer demonstrate compelling design skills? Do their case studies exude quality user experience? Do the examples shown excite you, showing possibilities for your product? As a rule, if a developer's portfolio impresses you, you will be similarly impressed by what they produce for you.
You Gain a Mixture of Design
and Development Experience
An app or web development is far more than a few programmers writing code. You want your product to have a particular look about it. It is possible that you do have in-house designers, but do they know how to work with a development team to ensure that function and form coalesce to become the perfect product? Specialist web and app development teams have the best of both worlds.
A Specialist Company has the Resources
to Thoroughly Test What They Create
You do not need the embarrassment of version 1.0 of your app being practically unusable. Imagine if you have put your heart and soul into what you believe to be an earth-shattering game, only to find that players become stuck on Level 5 and cannot move on further! If you are trying to develop on the cheap, there is a real danger that your product will suffer from only having rudimentary testing. You do not want your customers to be your guinea pigs. Specialist developers have systems in place to ensure that their products are fully trialled and tested before real customers see them.
It is Never a Good Idea to Make a Development Decision Based on Price Alone
When it comes to development, the old maxim that you pay for what you get is undoubtedly true. Examine all of your options closely. Hiring a couple of cheap Filipino coders on an outsourcing site might seem the most cost-effective way to get your app built. However, it is likely to be one of the most expensive methods in the long run, once you have had to pay to fix problems that could occur.

There is even some variation in costs between professional development companies, which generally will reflect differences in quality as well. Are you employing a real company with genuine development experience? What have they developed in the past? How do their products rate in the app stores? What is user feedback about their apps?

As with any large financial decision, it is important that you research all of the options first. One thing that is certain. If you are comparing costs, it is vital that you know what is included in each quote. The cheapest price might, in reality, be very bare-bones, and the actual outlay might be substantially higher.

If you need to rewire the office, you hire an expert electrician. If your kitchen sink leaks, you make sure that an expert plumber fixes the problem. When your delivery van splutters to a halt on the freeway, you engage an expert mechanic to get you moving again. Why would you ever consider developing an online product without utilizing the skills of a specialist app and web developer?

If you have an idea for an app, digital platform or other form of web development, contact Castle today, for professional advice and assistance.